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Content Friends On The Beach Looking Out: Stock Photos
Student Work Place: Stock Photos
By wayhome
Macro Shot Of Hazelnut Nuts: Stock Photos
Pool Water Background: Stock Photos
By Feel_Inside
Yellow Wheat Field In The Countryside: Stock Photos
Woman Applying Anti-Puffiness Patches: Stock Photos
Wasp On The Onion Bloom: Stock Photos
Skyscrapers In The Downtown City Of Los: Stock Photos
Little Boy Using Tablet PC With Mothers: Stock Photos
Yellow Flowers: Stock Photos
By gutaper
Peeling Paint: Stock Photos
By Capsule
Colorful Crayons Background: Stock Photos
Close-up Of Chelonia Mydas - Green Sea: Stock Photos
Sky Reflection In Business Building: Stock Photos
Bicycle Wheel In Dry Autumn Meadow: Stock Photos
Green Clover Leaves: Stock Photos
Young Woman Plays Guitar: Stock Photos
Close-up Of Cherry Blossom Flower: Stock Photos
Woman Hands Making Sign Heart By Fingers On Sky Background: Stock Photos
Friends Toasting Over Dinner Table: Stock Photos
Background Of Brown Wooden Slats, Textur: Stock Photos
Ripple Water Texture With Shadows: Stock Photos
Close-up Of Green Plant Leaf One Drop Of: Stock Photos
Red-haired Girl In A Field Of Wheat In Sunset: Stock Photos
Pink Sunrise Over Calm Mountain Lake: Stock Photos
Oil Colored Circles In Water: Stock Photos
Closeup Portrait Of A Couple Kissing: Stock Photos
Woman With Sunglasses: Stock Photos
By StockHolm
Busan Cityscape Gwangan Bridge At Night, South Korea: Stock Photos
Funny Small Little Devon Rex Kitten Cat: Stock Photos
Messy Colorful Old Wall Background Textu: Stock Photos
Mother With Her Son: Stock Photos
Abstract Background Texture: Stock Photos
Abstract Architectural View: Stock Photos
Sunset Wave Texture: Stock Photos
By Feel_Inside
Woman In  Station Using Phone: Stock Photos
Abstract Geometric Colors: Stock Photos
By Arthur Cauty
Beach And Promenade In Almeria Spain: Stock Photos
Colored Pencils: Stock Photos
Sunrise Over The Ocean, Abstract: Stock Photos
Drops On A Glass With An Orange Drink: Stock Photos
Carefree Family Enjoying  Winter: Stock Photos
Sadly Looking Monkey: Stock Photos
By Igor Tichonow
Vintage Car: Stock Photos
By piacquadio
Strawberries: Stock Photos
By Grisha Bruev
Traditional Burmese Fisherman At Inle Lake: Stock Photos
Cracked Ice Surface: Stock Photos
Growing Peach Blossoms: Stock Photos
Beautiful Iceberg Crevasse In Iceland: Stock Photos
8mm Film Reel: Stock Photos
By copperpipe
Burning Film: Stock Photos
By Lisevich
Mountain Valley In Summer: Stock Photos
Couple Playing With Their Dog: Stock Photos
By Vittorio Gravino
Traditional Cat Decorations: Stock Photos
Abstract Shadow Lines On Winter Snow: Stock Photos
Aerial View Of Yu Garden In Shanghai: Stock Photos

What are stock photos? Are they different from stock images?

Stock photos, also known as stock images, or royalty free images, are photos that have been created by professionals, that you can integrate into your projects. You can use them for a variety of purposes, including presentations, social media posts, marketing materials, commercial projects, websites, apps, ads and more.

They’re a great way to convey certain ideas or add eye-catching visuals to your projects without having to hire a photographer, helping you save precious time and money.

With Motion Array, you can start experimenting right away with free stock photos, or subscribe to gain access to thousands of other stock images, such as textures, abstract backgrounds, office spaces, people working on laptops and much more. All the images are royalty-free, meaning that once you subscribe, you can use them in any type of project without having to worry about paying royalty fees.

How to use stock photos in your projects

You can use Motion Array’s stock photos in any creative project, from editorial to commercial. There are many ways you can use stock photos. For example, use them to illustrate your blog posts, create attention-grabbing social media posts, integrate them as backgrounds in posters and more.

Besides adding royalty free images to your videos and creations, try mixing them in with stock footage clips and royalty-free music to create impressive content fast.
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